Little Dragons Class age 3-5
Little Dragons class teaches children to Focus, Listen, have Self Control and stay on a task. The physical activity builds the fine and gross motor skills, improving coordination, balance, strength and dexterity. In small groups Little Dragons learn to work with instructors and other children to prepare them to enter the elementary school programs. All this is taught in our Safe, Clean, Friendly, Caring, Family enviroment.
                                     Juniors Class age 5-12
Juniors class teaches the same foundation skills as Little Dragons class with more emphasis on Discipline, Effort and Respect. Juniors learn to take responsibility for themselves and gain the confidence to deal with peer pressure, "cliques" and bullies.
Juniors training involves more practical Self Defense applications as they often face more situations. They are taught to recognize and avoid situations before they occur and to use their self defense skills only if they have to.
Our goal is to help these students grow to become strong, confident and capable young adults who will be able to face the obstacles and challenges they may encounter throughout life.    
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