Adult Karate Classes Age 13 & above
The Adult Karate Program at Easton Self Defense will teach the student effective techniques for protecting themselves, stress relief, weight control and improving confidence. The combination of Martial Arts movements, aerobic, anaerobic, stretching and resistance training will develop a strong mind, body and spirit with which the adult karate student can improve all aspects of life, be it work, family, social, or just personal. Teenagers will gain the skills needed to face the peer pressure and uncertain times they are growing up in. Many of our adult students tell us that the best part of Self Defense training is after a hard stressfull day to be able to come to class and go home feeling good about themselves. For whatever reason you start Self Defense Training you will improve your ability to protect yourself, get in shape and take charge of your life. We invite you to come try a free class, you will be pleased with how great a Self Defense class can make you feel.               See Getting Started.   
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