We are a Family owned and operated Martial Arts Training Facility established in 1995.
We teach classes for Men, Women and Children starting at age 3.
We have a large training area with an enclosed waiting room for veiwing classes.
Our skilled professional instructors have all spent many years with us and have helped students to learn the skills needed to live in todays unpredictable world.
We teach a hybrid style of martial arts movements and techniques from Shotokan, Kenpo, Judo and Jijitsu.
Students have many classes available each week and we do not restrict them on how often they attend.  class schedule
Our academy maintains a positive learning environment for all who wish to improve themselves.
We teach a lot more than kicking and punching.
We do not use contracts, we are proud that our students keep training with us because they learn and enjoy it.
We invite you to come try out a class for free.  Getting Started
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                                               502 Foundry Street Easton MA
                            508-230-8599 or eastonsda@aol.com